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Three Days in New Orleans

I recently checked off my first travel goal of 2019 by spending a long weekend in New Orleans. The city is so unique and has a lot of offer, and I'm pretty impressed with how much I was able to do. So, how do I recommend spending 72 hours in the Big Easy? The First… Continue reading Three Days in New Orleans

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My Travel Goals for 2019

We’re now seven weeks into the new year, and I’m currently at home getting ready for my first trip of 2019! At 4:35 p.m. today (yes, today!), I will be headed to New Orleans. I’ve only been once—back in middle school with my family, so I don't remember much—and I’m so excited to return, explore… Continue reading My Travel Goals for 2019

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What I’ve Been Up To

Günaydın! (Good morning) I’m finally getting into the rhythm of things here in Ankara. I have three classes of about 20 students each. The university gave us Fulbrighters the A+ level students. Contrary to what you might think, these are the students with nearly the lowest speaking ability. So how does that work when I barely know… Continue reading What I’ve Been Up To