Oh Canada!

It feels strange to admit that I’ve never been to Canada.  I’m sure that plenty, if not most, Americans haven’t crossed the northern border, but I’ve gone to so many other countries thousands of miles away that Canada never really crossed my mind. However, my boyfriend, Burhan, and I needed a country for our tri-annual …

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Berlin: The Last Leg

I didn’t anticipate stretching this trip into three posts (or taking this long... go figure), but each experience I've had in Berlin has been SO different. I honestly never thought I would make it back here for the third time in four years. It’s an amazing city, with all the food, art, history, and culture …

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A Throwback to When I Studied Abroad

Many of you know that this isn’t my first time living in another country. Two years ago around this time, I left Tampa for Paris, France. I spent that spring semester living with a host family, exploring France and other countries, making friends, and fueling my desire to work abroad. I started learning French in …

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